Exercise Routine 50 Year Old Woman: It’s Never Too Late

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It’s never too late to exercise whether you are of 50 or more. If you do workout you will guaranteed get its benefits. Especially at the old age exercise prevents you from many diseases like heart attack, high blood pressure etc. Exercise at old age should be done especially for avoiding bone problems which many old persons suffer. I will tell you about exercise routine 50 year old woman which are as follows:

I Will Tell You About Exercise Routine 50 Year Old Woman Which Are as Follows:

  • Flexibility or stretching exercise: These are the simple exercises which are also done before a workout for warm-up. These exercises help in prevention your body from injury of dislocation of bone. Yoga, Pilates and stretching exercises are used to increase flexibility of body but to get benefits of these exercises you should have patience as these exercises takes some time. For those people whose family is having a history of arthritis or other bone problem should do these types of exercises.
  • Cardiovascular exercises: Cardiovascular exercises are the best exercises for keeping yourself away from cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, coronary artery disease. These exercises also help in keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol level low and improve the overall quality of your life.
  • High intensity training workout: This workout can be difficult for your body especially if you are an old age person but if you are able to do it properly then you may see amazing positive results in your body. This workout also prevents you from cardiovascular diseases.

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  • Weight training: According to national strength and conditioning association. With the raise in our age or as our age increases the loss in our muscle mass also increases and to slow down this muscle mass loss we should perform weight training at least once in 3 days.
  • Walking: It is one of the simplest exercises which mostly everyone performs. It helps to improve our cardiovascular fitness. It also improves our mood. There is no need of any special equipment for walking. You can walk with your pets or to get fresh air.
  • Core training: Core training exercise will help you to maintaining correct posture. A crunch is an exercise which affects the core or midsection of our body and as our age increase the first strength which we loss is our core strength.
  • Superman: According to Perkins superman is the best strengthening exercise for back. It is a medium intensity exercise that strengthens our core muscles as we lift our arms and legs off the ground. As the name itself tells that this exercise puts you in a position like a superman is flying.

Squat to chair: According to Perkins the best exercise to improve our bone density is that exercise which involves our lower body. Squat to chair exercise especially gives benefit to our bone of pelvis.

All these exercises which are explained above are part of exercise routine 50 year old woman which prevents women from many cardiovascular and bone diseases.


There is no age for exercise whether you do at any age they will give you benefits. Some exercises for women above 50 year are explained above.

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