Best Workout Program for 50 Year Old Man

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What do you want? Do you want to retire at the age of 50 and relaxing and sitting at a sofa wasting your time as everyone wants or you want to look unique, handsome even at 50 like your college days. So to look like that I will tell you best workout program for 50 year old man who will help you to look like as 20 years before you were and yes it is possible. All you need to do is to do these simple exercise or workouts that I am going to tell you in this article and believe me you will become a Silver fox( term used to point old man with grey hair looking handsome like model).

Here Is Some Workout or Exercises for 50 Year Old Man:

  • Cardiovascular exercise: Do cardiovascular exercise of moderate intensity. These cardiovascular exercises will keep you away from cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, artery problem and keep you active. You can do swimming, cycling. If you are not so fit walking is also a great option.
  • Do strength training : I know that you are thinking is it right to do strength training at this age but yes it is good as strength training helps you a lot in losing weight and making your muscles at this age. You will see results fast. Strength training along with cardiovascular exercise is a good idea.
  • Pushups: It is consider as basic part of every workout and for performing pushups you don’t need any equipment. Pushup affects or provides strengths to your chest, muscles, arms and back also. It can be performed by people of all age.

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  • Lat pull down: best workout programs for 50 year old man is a good exercise for developing strength to our upper back muscles. First of all sit on Lat pull down machine and then adjust the pad in a position such that it comfortably fits over your thighs then choose weight according to you but don’t much lift heavy weight then hold the bar with slightly wider than your shoulder width and pull bar downwards towards your neck with your shoulder squeezing.
  • Dumbbell chest press: This is one of the best exercises for developing good chest with dumbbells. Take one dumbbell in your right and one in your left hand then lie down on a bench and take both dumbbells on some height. Press the dumbbell over your chest until your arms are fully widened.

    I had told you 5 best workout programs for 50 year old man and the last and simplest is here

  • Step ups: This step up is as simple as its name and it is a great exercise for giving shape to your butt. Take one –one dumbbell in both hands and put one foot in a bench and other down and then other foot up and one down and repeat this process when you step up exhale and inhale when you step down.

Age doesn’t matter. People should do workout no matter what is their age. Dumbbell chest press, pushups, step ups are some exercises for people with over 50 years.

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