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Write for Us: Since from the beginning of some years ago, health + “write for us” is become a wonderful source that helps to promotes, encourage and inspire our readers and visitors on some specific community by providing beneficial and most informative regarding the individual unit. We are mainly focused on facilitating and promoting the health and wellness communities. We have amassed lots of visitors and readers within these months.

Write for Us – what is all about?

health “write for us” a global and leading site that works to promote the health communities by providing best of information with the source of authentic wellness and fitness articles. We work to update content for a specific community or unit to explore lots of new things for our readers and visitors.

What we want?

As you know that what we are, so it is easy to understand that we are here to appoint some best of guest contributor that intended to become one the successful person on the earth. We require some those people who are the strong desire to have a chance to makes some of contents and article. Health and fitness + “write for us” is always welcome for those people who have encourage doing some more in sector of blogging and content writing. We want those people who have some amazing skills that able to makes those articles who work to promote our visitors and reader. So, if you one of those people who want to join our team the contact us, represent your talent and be with us.

Some quick guidelines for guest contributors

There are some quick guidelines that help you to make those kinds of articles what we want to get: –

  • Length of article

The entire article that we want to have it should not be less than from 1000 words in length. Make it more the 1000+ words.

  • Must be unique

We only want only unique articles checked by copyscape tool for by our guest contributors because of best response of our visitors and readers. It must looks best in the appearance and have one of the format condition which provide a better user interface to our whole visitors.

  • Imagery

For the better looks of articles, you have to add some picture which is relevant to that specific topic. This will looks good and makes your article so easy to understand for our readers.

  • Copyright

This is the main bullet point that you have to keep in your mind that those articles whatever you are giving to us should not publish or live to anywhere. In simple words, you articles and contents should not copied by anyone of articles if this become happen with any of guest contributor then their articles will ignored in future by write for us. So, try making your own content with special skills along with best information.

  • Description

You also need to add a Meta description in the article which should not less than 160 characters along with the spaces.

  • Author Bio

You are allowed to give author bio in the article, because we also love if any of people will get with you by looking your awesome performance. It become a favorable chance to increase your fan page following.

  • Avoid matured content

Better contents leads better response. Try to makes your contents which are totally free from any kind of adult or matured related information or pictures. These kinds of things are not suitable for most of our readers and visitors. So, make that kind of article which suits to every people.

  • Be Original

Send only those articles to write for us which is free from any kind of plagiarism contents. For this, you can use a plagiarism checker tool which is copyscape; this will helps you to prepare original contents.

Final words

All of description of this work is shown at the upper area of the paragraph; please pay some focused on it and try to make these kinds of content. This works to leads your writing abilities and fill you with full of stamina and skill. So, what are you waiting for? Make hurry to contact us and enhance your personality.

For any kind of further details and information, please feel free to reach to us

Our contact details: –

Email – editor@goodhealthynews.com

Thank for support!

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