How To Get a Flat Stomach In Three Days

How To Get a Flat Stomach In Three Days- Cracking The Code!

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Who wouldn’t love for all that chubbiness and those tummy rolls to go away! Toiling away hours at the gym on numerous machines and eating a diet of misery doesn’t really get you anywhere if you don’t practice the moves that are specifically effective for what you want. For the purposes of getting a flat stomach as soon as possible, you need a genius mix of a good diet , stabilizing and high intensity interval workout moves to melt away that belly fat and strengthen the muscles. This will help you achieve a leaner look. Here are some of the tips and power moves that will get the job done:

Going Big Is Not the Thing:

Often a chubby belly is the resultant of consuming big meals, if you switch to frequent smaller portions you sure are on your way to a leaner stomach. Eating smaller portions scattered throughout the day over a period of time helps to speed up the metabolism resulting in easier weight loss. So , don’t hog on that huge bowl of pasta , split your meals up.

Cut Back on That Salt:

Yes, all that sneaky sodium is bad news for tummy aesthetics. Sodium leads to water retention which results in, yes you guessed it, a bloated tummy. If you want a flat stomach, you need to take it easy with the salt, its present in foods where you’d guess last. So, take a good look at those nutritional value labels before you buy your food and ingredients.

Hot Water and Lemon:

This is an old trick and yes, a little clichéd , but it absolutely works. Start your day off with a teaspoonful of freshly squeezed lemon juice dissolved into a glass of warm water. This miracle worker revs up your metabolism and even prevents bowel inflammation.

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Snack Healthy:

Are you a frequent smacker? Do you reach out for sodium and carbohydrate enriched munchies? Try switching to fruits are veggies for a quick and fun snack time. This will not only save you from unhealthy and unnecessary calorie intake but has many added benefits for your body.

All That Fizz Is Out:

Love fizzed up soft drinks? Bummer! For a leaner stomach you need to cut out all the culprits that bloat your tummy up. Aerated drinks rank number one on this list. You are actively consuming air when you sip on a soft drink, it is for its major part carbon.

Skimping on Dessert:

So sad that this is everyone’s favorite part of the day! In order to get a flat stomach, you gotta give dessert time up and avoid these carb dense sugary calories.

Exercise Well:

To tighten up and tone the stomach area, you need a good mix of stretching and cardio. Try performing a routine of starting and ending with stretching and a good High intensity interval reps in between as well. Feel free to throw in a couple crunches too!


While it is not logical to vanish all fat from your stomach in three days, you surely can reduce some and create a tighter look in the area. This can be easily achieved by following a tough regimen on diet control and exercise.

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