Heart Attack Symptoms Warning Signs Male: Silent Killer

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Do you know that in US February 3 is marked as National Wear Red Day which is created to raise awareness for heart related problems?

You have mostly seen in movies or shows that a person who is feeling fit and moving toward his home suddenly puts his hands on his chest and then falls down. This is how heart attack is shown in televisions but in real life it is not true. It gives us certain warning which we take lightly or we are not able to notice them in this article we will tell you these heart attack symptoms warning signs male so that your life cannot become story of a movie.

Heart Attack Symptoms Warning Signs Male

  • Feeling Exhausted or Fatigue: Feeling tired or fatigue can be result of hard work or it tells us that you have worked hard but if you are feeling tired without any apparent reason or due to your day to day normal activities then it must be a sign of heart attack.
  • It may be an indicator of weakening of left ventricle of your heart which is responsible for pumping blood to heart.

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  • Discomfort in Chest: It is one of the most common symptoms of heart attack in both men and women. People who suffered heart attack had complained about having discomfort in chest like an elephant sitting on their chest or it is tightly closed by a belt.
  • Pain in Upper Body: Sometimes the pain which is a symptom of heart attack spreads from chest to neck, jaw and left arm. If you had not done any physical work and you are not having any reason for this pain then it can be a sign of having heart attack symptoms warning signs male.
  • Shortness of Breath: If you are feeling difficulty in breathing without doing any hard work or physical exercise then you should not take it lightly. You should consult to doctor as early as possible.
  • Indigestion, Nausea: Sometimes nausea, indigestion can be a simple stomach problem but not always especially when they are having with chest pain. They can be heart attack symptoms warning signs male so does not ignore them.
  • Snoring: You are thinking that snoring is a normal thing but when the snoring is unusually loud then it may be an indication of sleep apnea that why you stop breathing for several moments at night and wakes up and it puts more pressure on your heart.
  • Irregular Beating of Heart: Mostly when you are excited, excited, and afraid or run for a long time then it is normal to have irregular heart rate but if it happens mostly for no reason then you must see a doctor.

CONCLUSION: Heart attack or health problem which are becoming cause of deaths of men and women because people are ignoring its symptoms and taking it lightly.

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