Fenugreek Seeds Benefits for Females/Ladies

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The kitchen of an Indian house is not complete without fenugreek known as methi. It is mostly used in all Indian recipes. From early times it is used as a medicine and in home remedies. Do you know India is the largest producer of fenugreek in the world? And why not after all we know fenugreek seeds benefits for females/ladies. These seeds have energy of 323kcal per 100gm. Apigenin, Kaempferol, Caffeic Acid are the compounds present in fenugreek. These seeds are bitter in taste but if are lightly roasted they will lose their bitterness. A paste of a fenugreek seeds made by chewing them will also help to heal inflammation. Dried fenugreek is also used in chicken, meat and other dishes for giving them flavor.

Today We Will Tell You About Fenugreek Seeds Benefits for Females/Ladies Which Are:

  • Increased milk production: When you become a mother you need more milk for the proper growth of your baby so that he will get proper nutrition. According to Judith Brown fenugreek helps in increasing the production of milk in women. It takes about 1 to 3 days to fenugreek to start an increase in milk production. The reasons why fenugreek increases milk production is because of presence of compound named diosgenin which promotes milk production but remember first consult your doctor about dosage.
  • Fulfill deficiency of iron: As the age of girl increases she will come to puberty, then breastfeeding which is a natural process and at this age there is loss iron in female’s body so taking fenugreek daily in her diet will fulfill the loss of fenugreek in females.

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  • Growth of hair: As you know that hair is the beauty of every female so this fenugreek herb not only helps in diseases but also gives you beauty by increasing your hair. This is rich in phytoestrogens which are the main cause of growing hair healthier and quickly.
  • Helps in increasing breast size: Fenugreek has a property like increasing female hormone which promotes growth of size of breasts in women by balancing their hormones.
  • Give relief from menstrual cramps: Menstruation is natural process in females. The first period a girl gets at the age of 8 to 15 years. Fenugreek seeds have compounds like diosgenin and isoflavones which gives them relief from the discomfort and pain during menstrual cycle. These compounds act as an estrogen hormone.
  • Increases libido: Libido is the overall desire of a person for sexual activity or sex. According to an experiment conducted on 80 women were divided into 2 groups. These women were of the age 20 to 49. One group of women was given placebo and other fenugreek. After some days they see the results. There were no changes in sex life of women who were taking placebo but the women who were taking fenugreek their sex life improves.

These are some amazing fenugreek seeds benefits for females/ladies.

CONCLUSION: Fenugreek seeds which were easily found in kitchens and is used in many Indian recipes. These seeds also have great benefits to women and to pregnant women also for their beauty as well as for their health also.

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