Home Remedies for Ear Infections in Adults Hydrogen Peroxide: A Painful Infection

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No one likes pain but have you ever suffer from ear infection.

If yes then you know how worst and painful it is. So today I will tell you some home remedies for ear infections in adults hydrogen peroxide so that you can another time you can get relief from it. Ear infections are due to bacteria’s in the middle ear. Ear infection happens in both adults and in children. If you think that doctor is the only way which will give you relief then we will tell you some best home remedies.

There are three regions in ear in which infection can occur: Internal ear, middle ear and external ear. The reason behind that ear infections are so painful is that because the fluid produced in ear puts pressure in ear drums. Some symptoms of ear infections are pus discharging from ear, pain in ear, decline in hearing.

Before telling how to use hydrogen peroxide we will tell you in what case you have to use it so that it cannot cause problem to your ear.


  • You should use a dropper while dropping hydrogen peroxide so that it will go directly into ear canal.
  • It should be used for external ear infections. If you have infection in the inner ear then it should not use used especially if infection is near to the eardrum then it may make you deaf.
  • At any cost consult to your doctor before using it.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Home Remedy for Treatment of Ear Infection:

  • There are various remedies for treating ear infection but in this article we will tell you the about treating ear infection with hydrogen peroxide and how to use hydrogen peroxide.
  • So first I will tell you the procedure of how to use it:
  • Take 2 or 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide and put it in ear canal.
  • On putting it in ear you will feel bubbles in your ear and foam is formed and let it stop on its own and it will take about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Now turn your head to other side so that the solution will flow out of the ear.
  • After one or two days put some warm water in your ear so that it will take out the dirt and wax out of the ear.
  • And the last step is take a cotton ball and dip it in alcohol and squeeze it in ear and then again tilt your head and makes it to flow out of ear. This step is done to make ear canal dry. You can also use a hair dryer to make ear dry but remember dryer should be kept 10 inches away from your ear.

So in this article we had told you the best home remedies for ear infections in adult’s hydrogen peroxide and how to use it and in what case.

CONCLUSION: Hydrogen peroxide which can be used to treat ear infection but should be handled properly and know how to use it otherwise can cause deafness.

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