Cardiovascular Disease Symptoms Treatment and Prevention: Cvd’s

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Cardiovascular diseases are the diseases that affect the function of our heart. More people die due to CVD’S as compared to any other disease. Heart is the most important part of our body so it is necessary to keep our heart fit so that we can live a healthy life. So we are going to tell you about cardiovascular disease symptoms treatment and prevention.

Cardiovascular diseases are a class of diseases which involves blood vessels or heart.

Coronary artery disease, Heart attack, vascular disease, pericardial disease and heart failure are the types of cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular disease symptoms treatment and prevention:


  • Coronary artery disease, Heart attack, and heart failure these all have different treatments but they give same symptoms or warning signs.
  • ANGINA: It is a symptom of coronary artery disease. It is tightness, pain in a part of heart muscle when it does not get sufficient oxygen. It is a strong warning sign of heart disease.
  • FATIGUE:  means extreme tiredness which is also a symptom of heart disease which is caused due to insufficient blood flow to muscles.
  • LIGHTHEADEDNESS AND FAINTING: When the blood flowing to the brain is not sufficient then it can cause
  • Light headedness or fainting which may be due to irregular heart rate.  

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    • Avoid tobacco or smoking: Cigarette contains carbon monoxide which replaces some oxygen in our blood and our heart had to work harder to supply blood which increases heart rate.
    • Do regular exercise: Exercise has many benefits for our heart. By doing exercise our weight is maintained which lowers cholesterol and reduce risk of health problems and improves blood circulation.
    • Good diet: Your health is based on what type of diet you are taking. Four reducing health problem take food low in saturated fats, Tran’s fats and sodium. Eat fruits and vegetables.
  • Perform good stress management  activities:
  • Stress can be a direct trigger to heart attack because it increases blood pressure. Perform activities like yoga, meditation and listening music to cope with stress.


Basically there are 3 different ways for treatment

  • By changing our lifestyle: like quitting smoking, eating healthy diet, exercising regularly and reducing stress. These are the natural and risk freeways.
  • Medication or Drugs:  One of them is cholesterol modifying medications .These medications decreases the amount of cholesterol from our body especially bad cholesterol.
  • Aspirin: It acts as a blood thinner.  It helps in preventing future heart attacks if you suffer a heart attack in past.
  • Ranolazine: This drug is given to people suffering with angina.
  • Beta blockers: These drugs decreases blood pressure and slows heart rate. This medicine prevents us from future heart attacks.
  • These are some cardiovascular disease symptoms, treatment and prevention which should be known by everyone so that they can avoid those habits which become a problem for their heart.

CONCLUSION: Heart is most important organ of our body which is responsible for the working of other body parts also but due to people’s modern lifestyle they are putting their heart in problem.

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